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Here we are – it’s the first day of summer.  This is the first week of my “summer schedule” at work – I am working only three days a week this week through Labor Day in order to have some semblance of a summer with the kids, and also to save money on babysitting.  Five full days a week of babysitting puts a real bite in the wallet.

So here I am, at home with Aaron on a perfect summer day.  Jacob and Lydia are still in school – that’s what happens when you live in New England and you have a freakishly awful winter.  So Aaron and I have had the day together – a very unusual thing.  Of course, we mostly just ran errands this morning, but we had fun doing it, dammit!

So what are our plans this summer?  The pool, the park, 10 days in California, a long weekend in Maine, two weeks of nature camp for Jake and Lydia, a week of Kung Fu camp for Jake.  You know, normal summer stuff.


… we’ll be grilling!!  We picked up this super-cheap grill at The Christmas Tree Shops.  Unbelievably, we assembled it correctly, and it actually works.  So far, we’ve cooked up some burgers and dogs, grilled up some sausages, and tonight we’re having teriyaki chicken kebobs.

This summer is going to fly by – I can tell already just by looking at the calendar.  In some ways I feel like this is the *last* summer for us.  I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off a three day a week schedule once I’m actually getting paid to work.  So we’re going to do this summer, and we’re going to do it right.  Look out, Summer – here we come!



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