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Listening To Whispers

Thinking up a good blog name is really tough.  The easy ones that say exactly what you want to say are, of course, taken.  So you have to get creative, or cutesie, or weird.  But you also want to be able to tell people what your blog is called so they can find you, and you don’t want to have to spell it for people, or write it down so they’ll be able to remember it.  You also want it to somehow tie in with what you are writing about.  It can’t be completely off the wall.

So why Listening To Whispers?  I am an audiologist, so I think about ears and hearing a lot.  I should say I’m barely an audiologist.  In order to get my degree, I have to do three years of coursework, and work for a year under supervision.  I finished my coursework last month (I also blogged about my journey through graduate school), and two weeks ago I started my fourth year externship.  It’s an unpaid position, but at a great facility with wonderful people.  With any luck at all, it will turn into a paid gig once my year is up.

Anyway, it was at work this week that my new blog name came to me.  I was testing a two year old who just wouldn’t be quiet.  Kids who are two are the hardest to test.  They are too old to be interested with the form of testing we use for babies, and they are too young to play the games we play with puzzles and blocks with the three year olds.  They are at this awkward, in-between age.  So, I’m trying to test this kid, and he’s just talking and talking and talking up a storm.  We even gave him a lollipop, and he talked around it.  And I thought, “It’s really hard to sit quietly and listen to whispers when you’re two.”  And then I thought about how hard it is to sit and listen to whispers at any age.  Our world is so loud, our lives are so busy, we so rarely get quiet moments to sit and reflect and hear the important things.  We’ve made a cacophony for ourselves and completely drowned out the whispers.

So, my blog is going to be about listening to those whispers – trying to capture those moments that could so easily just pass me by.  I pledge to pay attention to the small moments, and be able to look back in my later years without regretting the little things that I let go by.  Is that even possible?  I don’t know, but I’m going to try.



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