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A Week Without My Better Half

Things you don’t want when your husband is away for an entire week:

  1. One sick child.
  2. Another sick child.
  3. A massive spider above the headboard of your bed.
  4. Having to clean up a giant, wet, spider splotch off the wall after finally screwing up the courage to squish said massive spider.
  5. Spending two hours at walk-in hours with aforementioned sick children.

The good news is that the kids don’t have strep.  Just a nasty virus that so far Aaron and I have avoided.  Keeping fingers crossed there.

I have (yet again) a renewed appreciation for single, working parents.  I am totally exhausted – between trying to make it to work, frantically arranging emergency child care, playing nurse-maid to two sick children on top of the regular evening duties of dinner, baths, books, bed, cleaning up, and cleaning up, I am spread a little thin.  Add onto that the night-time wakings of children who need medicine and hugs and cuddles, and I am spread so thin I’m nearly invisible.

I pick Nate up from the airport after work today, thank the gods.  He’s going to be hearing about this week for awhile.  “Remember that time you went to a week-long conference and two kids got sick and I had to kill a spider the size of a squirrel right above our bed??”  He’d better have some tales about how horrifyingly awful his conference was.


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Back Into Gear

I’m not sure what it was about this particular vacation, but I’m finding it very hard to get back into gear now that we’re home.  I went to bed last night at 9:30, and woke up at 8.  For the second day in a row.  I know I’m tired, but should I be that tired after our vacation?  It’s supposed to be vacation!  I’m supposed to be well-rested!

However, when I look at everything we did over our vacation, I can see why it’s been so hard to pick myself up and start doing laundry, unpacking, etc.  Here is a brief pictorial recap of our 10 day adventure in California.  More detail to follow in later posts.

We visited the Oakland Zoo:

Jake and Lydia took a bike ride with Grandpa out the Nimitz Trail while Aaron and I walked.  It was a stunningly beautiful day:

We also rode the steam trains – a particular favorite for Aaron.  What is it about four year olds and trains?

The highlight of our trip was camping in Yosemite.  We were there for three days and two nights, and took advantage of every moment.  This is Half Dome in the distance, swimming (and freezing!) in the Merced River, and Bridalveil Falls:

We also went to an A’s game, and stayed for the entire game:

And we went to the Exploratorium and the Palace of Fine Arts in the city:

On our last day, we took the Amtrak for a beautiful ride to a nice playground/nature area in Martinez (where I neglected to take pictures).  Then we flew out on the red-eye, during which the kids slept (some more than others) and the adults did not.

Long story short: the grown-ups are still recovering from our whirlwind trip.  Back to work tomorrow.  Yeehaw!


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Baseball Wrap-Up

Another baseball season has come and gone, and this one has been particularly nice.  This year Jacob decided he wanted to play Farm League again.  They don’t keep score, there is a lot less pressure – it’s more about learning the skills and having fun playing.  He just barely made the upper age cut-off (by a matter of days!), so he was by far the oldest kid.  His team came together really well, and he made HUGE leaps in skills.  He got several hits every game, his throwing and catching improved by leaps and bounds.  He was excited for every game and happy to be there.

Lydia also played this year in the Coaches Pitch league.  There are no strikes or balls, nobody gets out.  Every kid gets a turn at bat while the other team fans out in the infield, and there are as many pitches as necessary for the kid to hit the ball and get to run around the bases.  She had so much fun, and was so proud to hit the ball!  Her catching and throwing are awesome for her age and size – I think we have a softball star on our hands!

We signed Aaron up for T-ball this year.  He just barely made the age cut-off on the other end, and was by far the youngest and smallest kid there.  He had absolutely no interest at all in being there.  He just hung onto my leg and refused to participate.  Maybe next year.  Here he is enjoying Lydia’s last game yesterday – at least he’s a good cheerleader!


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Listening To Whispers

Thinking up a good blog name is really tough.  The easy ones that say exactly what you want to say are, of course, taken.  So you have to get creative, or cutesie, or weird.  But you also want to be able to tell people what your blog is called so they can find you, and you don’t want to have to spell it for people, or write it down so they’ll be able to remember it.  You also want it to somehow tie in with what you are writing about.  It can’t be completely off the wall.

So why Listening To Whispers?  I am an audiologist, so I think about ears and hearing a lot.  I should say I’m barely an audiologist.  In order to get my degree, I have to do three years of coursework, and work for a year under supervision.  I finished my coursework last month (I also blogged about my journey through graduate school), and two weeks ago I started my fourth year externship.  It’s an unpaid position, but at a great facility with wonderful people.  With any luck at all, it will turn into a paid gig once my year is up.

Anyway, it was at work this week that my new blog name came to me.  I was testing a two year old who just wouldn’t be quiet.  Kids who are two are the hardest to test.  They are too old to be interested with the form of testing we use for babies, and they are too young to play the games we play with puzzles and blocks with the three year olds.  They are at this awkward, in-between age.  So, I’m trying to test this kid, and he’s just talking and talking and talking up a storm.  We even gave him a lollipop, and he talked around it.  And I thought, “It’s really hard to sit quietly and listen to whispers when you’re two.”  And then I thought about how hard it is to sit and listen to whispers at any age.  Our world is so loud, our lives are so busy, we so rarely get quiet moments to sit and reflect and hear the important things.  We’ve made a cacophony for ourselves and completely drowned out the whispers.

So, my blog is going to be about listening to those whispers – trying to capture those moments that could so easily just pass me by.  I pledge to pay attention to the small moments, and be able to look back in my later years without regretting the little things that I let go by.  Is that even possible?  I don’t know, but I’m going to try.


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