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A Week Without My Better Half

Things you don’t want when your husband is away for an entire week:

  1. One sick child.
  2. Another sick child.
  3. A massive spider above the headboard of your bed.
  4. Having to clean up a giant, wet, spider splotch off the wall after finally screwing up the courage to squish said massive spider.
  5. Spending two hours at walk-in hours with aforementioned sick children.

The good news is that the kids don’t have strep.  Just a nasty virus that so far Aaron and I have avoided.  Keeping fingers crossed there.

I have (yet again) a renewed appreciation for single, working parents.  I am totally exhausted – between trying to make it to work, frantically arranging emergency child care, playing nurse-maid to two sick children on top of the regular evening duties of dinner, baths, books, bed, cleaning up, and cleaning up, I am spread a little thin.  Add onto that the night-time wakings of children who need medicine and hugs and cuddles, and I am spread so thin I’m nearly invisible.

I pick Nate up from the airport after work today, thank the gods.  He’s going to be hearing about this week for awhile.  “Remember that time you went to a week-long conference and two kids got sick and I had to kill a spider the size of a squirrel right above our bed??”  He’d better have some tales about how horrifyingly awful his conference was.


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