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Adventures in Nature

The weather was picture-perfect today, so we decided to load up our bikes and head for the Quabbin Reservoir.  We thought we’d be extra-adventurous and try a new gate.  There are only a few gates that allow bicycle traffic, so we pulled out the map and chose one a little to the east and south of our regular gate.  It turned out to be a fantastic choice.  The trail goes right along the water for several miles.

On the other side of the trail were the woods, in which there were many stone walls left over from the days when the Quabbin Reservoir wasn’t a reservoir at all, but the Swift River Valley, full of towns and farms.

It was absolutely beautiful.  We found a little spot where we could get to a beach and had our picnic lunch there.  We spent just as much time goofing around as we did eating:

After our picnic and bike ride, we decided to swing by one of our favorite haunts, Bear’s Den, in New Salem.  We hiked around on the rocks, and then waded in the stream.  The kids had a great time with Nate building a rock bridge over the stream.

By the time they were done, our bug spray was starting to wear off, we were in need of snacks, and we were all getting a little cranky.  Time to load ’em back up and head home.  Tired, of course, but already planning next weekend’s adventure.


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