About My Blog

I am a thirty-something mother of three in New England who has just finished graduate school in audiology.  Come along for the ride as I begin my career as an audiologist, attempting to juggle children, work, husband, and home.  Will it be funny?  Inspirational?  Tragic?  Profound?  Probably none of those things, but you’re welcome to read along and find out.

This is my second blog – think of it as Volume II.  Volume I can be found here:

Textbooks and Tea Parties



4 responses to “About My Blog

  1. love your blog its so cool!

  2. Lauren

    You are a sneaky monkey, changing your blog name. I almost couldn’t find you . . . except that it’s listed on your facebook page. So maybe you’re not so sneaky? :) Love your blog.

  3. Well it’s taken me awhile but I found you. I have enjoyed looking thru the happenings of your life and the photos….even found one of your Dad. I’m keeping this brief and now will try to figure out how to send this message.
    Jennifer from S.D.

  4. Julie Nickelsen

    Get back to it woman! You have an obligation to you readers! XXX OOO

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