White Mountains Part 4

Our vacation wound down as the impending weather closed in.  Our last stop of the Lost River.  How did we find the Lost River, you ask?  Turns out it’s right on the map!  We got there just as they were starting to close up, so we assured them we wouldn’t dawdle and ran in.  I expected it to be just like Flume Gorge, but it was really very different.

The concept is kind of the same – a wooden boardwalk that follows a river, but the riverbed is strewn with boulders that have forms caves which are marked so that you can climb through them.  Lucky for (claustrophobic) me, the boardwalk went around the caves, so I waved them into each of them and met them on the other side!


See? River – check. Boardwalk – check. Yet not remotely like Flume Gorge. Go figure.



Let’s go find some caves!


Aaaahhhh… smiling faces. We must have had fun!



Our last view of New Hampshire before it started to pour. Goodbye until next time!


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