The Town Where We Live

Having lived in our Western Massachusetts town for about 10 years now, it’s hard to believe we had never hiked Mt. Skinner before.  The Summit House, a beautiful white building that used to be a hotel sits atop the mountain, visible for miles and miles around.  You can drive up, of course, but this fall we decided to hike up – now that everyone is old enough to do it with a minimum of complaining.

The elevation is about 1000 feet, and you’re climbing the whole way.  I found it challenging, but the kids were total troopers.  Luckily, we brought snacks and water.  The view from the top was absolutely worth it!


Our little town at the height of fall colors.


The Connecticut River winding it’s way up toward Mt. Sugarloaf.



We decided once we were hanging out at the top that we should make this a yearly ritual, and we also came up with other potential area hikes that are more advanced than we’ve attempted before.  We’ve got a list going for the Spring!



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  1. althea

    I hiked up on Sunday (11/23) afternoon. It is challenging and beautiful. Nice pictures of the kids.& trees

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