What is it about boys and tanks?  I don’t know about the men in your life, but my men are all about the tanks.  And military weaponry in general, I guess.  Before we went to Washington DC last summer, Aaron said that his top priority there was seeing a tank.  And, if possible, he’d like to get in one.  Well, we researched and couldn’t find any tanks in any of the Smithsonian Museums.

But I did find the Military Museum of Southern New England.  It’s in Danbury Connecticut, a few hours south of here, but totally do-able for a day trip.  The best part, once a month, they have what they call “Open Turret Day”, where they open all the tanks and let you get inside them!  In fact, you can climb all over and through them.

The museum itself is a little kitschy, and the tanks are all crammed into a tiny parking lot (somehow I had pictured them spread out in a field in mock battle).  But none of that mattered because Aaron could GET IN THEM.


That’s one happy boy.


It’s hard to take a picture of the inside of a tank.  It’s dark, and your seven year old is shoving you out of the way.  Let me describe it – first off, it’s tiny in there.  I have no idea how they crammed so many people in.  Secondly, it was a hot day, and it was sweltering inside there!  Again, what?  No air-conditioning?  And third, there is nothing really there – just a couple of uncomfortable seats, some levers, and a steering wheel.  I guess I wasn’t really expecting a mini-bar and bucket seats, but come on.




I did a lot of this.

If you’re going to go, make it on an Open Turret Day – you won’t be disappointed!



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