Chaos and Upheaval

So things have gone a little crazy around here.  What with job changes, and starting my own business, the blog has fallen through the cracks.  But I am determined to keep it up, though maybe a little sporadically…  While we’ve been having all this upheaval and uncertainty, we’ve also been trying to keep things “normal” for the kids.  I may feel like crawling into a ball under the covers and not coming out, but that would be bad.  Bad for me, bad for the family.  So we’ve been busy.  We had a great end to our summer, and have been chugging along this fall with school, music lessons, day trips, etc.  Here’s a summary of what we’ve been doing while I have been AWOL.

We went to California and saw this:


And hung out with these guys and their family:


And visited here:

IMG_5415And rode roller coasters:


We saw one of our favorite people perform at the Charlemont Reggae Fest:


And this happened to Aaron while we were there, compliments of Cousin Tony:


We took a surprise birthday bike ride to celebrate Nate’s birthday.  What happened to your knee, Nate?


It wasn’t all bad – because we saw this amazing Great Blue Heron just 15 feet away from us:

IMG_5635 Our annual trip to Maine was one of our best ever!IMG_5698 IMG_5704 IMG_5736 IMG_5746 IMG_5787 Look who got on a bike!IMG_5807 IMG_5818All in all, we had a nice end to our summer.  The fall was a bit of a wash – we did no apple picking, we barely got our pumpkins in time for Halloween!  But we’re making it.  Look for some more posts to come soon… if I can manage it.


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  1. Cute photos of your summer! Congrats on your new business! Lots of love, Peso and Dos

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