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Who Ruined Our Favorite Hill?!

So we’ve had a couple of milder days where we thought we could venture outside without risking frostbite.  We eagerly headed over to our favorite sledding hill.  It’s perfect.  It’s just four blocks away, hardly anyone is ever there, it has a nice steep hill followed by a long flat that ends at a fence, and there is a nice set of steps leading back to the top.  Really, as sledding hills go, this one is primo, and we’re almost always the only people there.

So we get there, and what do we see?  Right at the beginning of the flat straight-away at the bottom, someone has plopped piles and piles of snow that has been plowed from the adjacent parking lot!


It’s hard to get the perspective in this picture, but those mounds down there are five foot tall piles of snow that form a hard, icy barrier right where you would want to be zooming along after a screaming, hair-raising trip down the hill.  In previous winters, they’ve piled the snow up on the edge of the straight-away, but for some reason they decided to drive the snow into THE MIDDLE of where kids want to sled and thought, “Yeah, this looks good.  Let’s pile the snow right here.

We decided to try to sled anyway (probably not the brightest idea I’ve ever had).  Our plan was to try to aim to the right of the snow piles, and, worst case scenario, bail out if you’re heading toward the mountain of ice.  We didn’t realize quite how hard it is to steer to the right of the piles – it seems that the hill is perfectly designed to put you right where the piles of snow are.  So we did quite a bit of frantic bailing out just before catastrophe.  We still had fun, but I pretty much spent the whole time fuming about the desecration of one of our favorite wintertime spots.  Who would do such a thing?

As you can see from the pictures, we ended up having a terrible time!







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