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Spring in My Step

Well, hello. It’s been awhile, no? I have no good explanation. I’ve been busy, and sick, and tired, and my husband is working too hard. So I’ll just leave it at that.

Why is there a spring in my step? Because it’s spring here. Already.

“Oh, you went to the bulb show!” is what you’re probably thinking.  This is the time of year for the bulb show.  But no, this is not the bulb show.  This is real life.  These are not hot-house flowers, they are the real deal.  Usually at this time of year there is still snow on the ground.  Muddy, gritty, dirty snow.  I am usually waiting impatiently for the bulb show to happen to remind me of what Spring will be like when it finally arrives.  The bulb show gives me enough of a taste of Spring to make it through the last four weeks of winter.  But not this year.  I didn’t even go to the bulb show this year.  Because this is right outside:

The forsythia is in full bloom, and the dogwoods are coming out.  I remember the year Aaron was born, it was Spring like this.  In early May.  I wonder what the next couple of months will bring?  I’m hoping it’s not a major snowstorm in April.


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