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Sex Ed for the 10 Year Old

So Jake and I were sitting at breakfast the other day.  We’re both reading the paper.

Jake: Mom, what’s a <sounding out the word> kahn dahm?

Me: A condom?  Oh.  Uh.  Well.  <much throat clearing>  Well.  Hmmmmm.  Uh.  Is there any way at all I can put this off until Nate gets home?  I don’t want to answer this question.  I want to read the paper in peace.  This is getting weird.  I’ve paused too long and now it’s going to be all awkward and he’s going to think condoms are something to be embarrassed about.  Which clearly they are when you’re talking to your ten year old.  Help!  Uh, a condom is a little thing kind of like a balloon that you put on your penis when you have sex.  That way, when your semen comes out, it’s trapped and it doesn’t go into the other person’s body, so she won’t get pregnant.  Also, it protects against diseases that you could get by having sex with someone.

Jake (staring at me like I have two heads):  I really did not need to hear that at breakfast.

Me:  Well, you asked.



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The Secret’s Out

So for the last four months, I’ve been running.  Well, that’s overstating things a little bit.  Let’s say jogging.  I started in August when we got back from our California vacation.  I was inspired by my brother, who has turned into a marathon runner.  He looks healthy, and is happy, and really enjoys running.  When I had my gallbladder extravaganza in May, I felt really old.  I lost so much weight, and was so weak, and it took me so long to recover.  I started feeling my age, and feeling very sedentary, and not in touch with my body anymore.  So I said, “This is it.  I’m going to do something about this.”

So I started jogging.  I went about a mile and a half at first.  And it was hard.  I was able to run several mornings  a week during the summer when it was light out at 5:30.  Now, it’s still middle-of-the-night dark when Nate leaves for work, so I am a weekend runner only.  But I’ve worked up to the point where I’m running three to four miles, and feeling pretty good doing it.  I’m slow, but I keep chugging along, and my lungs and heart are keeping up with me, and my legs are getting stronger and stronger.

I haven’t really told anyone, because what if I stop?  And then I have to admit out loud that I couldn’t do it.  So, I’ve been keeping it mostly to myself.  But today, the secret is out.  Today, I ran my first race – a 5K.  In fact, Jake and I ran together.

It’s a charity run for a local organization.  After the race, you get a mug of hot chocolate.  It was so much fun to run with a bunch of people like that, and also to run with Jake.  I had to go a little slower than I would have liked, but not much, really.  I expected to have to walk some of it, but we didn’t.  The race goes right through campus, so Nate, Althea, Lydia, and Aaron walked over to wait for us and cheer us up the hill by the pond.  That’s mile 2 and something out of 3, so we were really huffing and puffing our way up.  Nate took some pictures.  I don’t think we looked half as tired as we felt:

We had a great time, and have both committed to not only running this particular race again next year, but to training more for it so that we can beat our record!  Next time you see me, ask me how my running is going.  If I’m too embarrassed to tell people I quit, maybe I’ll actually keep it up!



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